Prathibimb – Career Ability Test

If you are; A student considering education options in preparation for a career Starting out in your career An executive thinking about a career change then, The Prathibimb Career Ability Profile® is a powerful tool that can help you make decisions about your career and educational pursuits. This assessment will provide you with wealth of […]


Assess your ‘Emotional Stability’

‘Stress’ is one of the major fallout during times of adversity.  Especially so during these times when the #coronavirus pandemic has gripped people the world over. The arousal system involved during such times is the autonomic nervous system. The stimulus that triggers it is stress, which elicits the general adaptation syndrome, or the fight-or flight response. […]


S.T.A.R LEADER – Self-Assessment

This report is based on the responses given by you to the S.T.A.R. Leader Assessment™ questionnaire. It attempts to provide you with a sense of your strengths and areas for improvement on the S.T.A.R™ elements essential for Leadership. Though the assessment and the tabulated results are quantitative and data-driven, the most important aspect of this […]


Time Mastery Assessment

We all face a daily dilemma: too much to do and not enough time to do it. Time management concerns how we resolve that dilemma. Time, not activities, is the limiting factor. We must make tough choices about what to do and what not to do. Time Management is really self-management. Although time is not […]



This Big 5 Personality Assessment tells something about the behavior that typifies a person in comparison to others. The way in which a person will deal with people and situations in his/her work is determined by his/her personality, among other things. The Big Five Personality Model The Big Five Personality reports on the so-called ‘Big […]


Interruptions – are they putting you off-track?

Do you realize that interruptions are part of your job, and that it may be your attitude that needs adjusting. When interrupted, most of us are at least mildly irritated; we don’t like to stop what we are doing, and focus on something else. Sincerely try to look at interruptions in a different way. Instead […]

Changing habits building action plans

Change your habits and build action plans

How much do you really want to change your work habits? Desire is the key to success or failure. With a strong desire, you will probably initiate changes. In order to change long-established habits, you must want to change. Desire is the beginning point. No one can force you to master your time. The “want […]

Precise Communication

Precise Communication

How often have you found yourself and others speak in global and obvious generalities? How often have you heard people talk vaguely about any subject or issue? Many a time you would have found people talking in a way which makes little or no sense at all in the context in which they are speaking. […]

Leadership is not about how you see yourselves but about how others see you.  It's people you lead afterall

Feedback – key skill in performance management and development

“Keep the handle bar straight”, “Look ahead”, “brake now”… Even children who are learning to cycle know that to perform well (find the right balance) they need to be told how they’re doing. Without feedback, you’re walking blind. At best, you’ll accidentally reach your goal. At worst, you’ll wander aimlessly through the dark, never reaching […]

Four Key Dimensions which help build high performance teams

Four key dimensions, which help, build high performance teams

Whether it is a ‘team’ of birds flying in a ‘V’ formation, or a team of ‘musicians’ producing fantastic music by just using their vocal cords or a team of astronauts doing spacewalk or a soccer team walking away with the world cup – the power of teamwork can never be over stated. Is there […]

Competing Values Framework

Competing Values Framework – 8 leadership roles, which enable today’s leaders

The Competing Values Framework has been named as one of the 40 most important frameworks in the history of business. It has been studied and tested in organizations for more than 25 years by a group of thought leaders from leading business schools and corporations (Quinn and Cameron, 1983; Quinn and Rohrbaugh, 1983; Quinn, 1988; […]

Build teams using personality traits

Build teams using Personality traits

Whether you’re looking for a way to build a more cohesive team with the people you already manage or you are hiring, you can put these personality traits to work if you understand them well. 1. Understand the personality traits you need before hiring Before you hire for a new role, you’ll probably put together […]