Engaging people is not just about improving productivity

We believe that highly engaged people promote a variety of outcomes that are good for your workforce and your customers. It doubles the rate of your success, lowers employee turnover, improves the quality of their work and health.

We help you design a people engagement plan which plain and simple creates an environment where – People want to come to work, understand their jobs, and know how their work contributes to the success of the organization or teams they work for.

We firmly believe that engaged employees are more attentive and vigilant. They look out for the needs of their coworkers and the overall enterprise, because they personally 'own' the result of their work and that of the organization. When you have highly engaged employees it creates a climate of 'open communication' and increased 'collaboration'.

You will have employees 'clearly know their role, have what they need to fulfill their role, and can see the connection between their role and the overall organizational purpose.


We believe that getting highly engaged people requires attention

Right from the time you decide to hire talent to spot people who match your need, to effective onboarding and transitioning into the culture you have carefully chosen to build.

We offer tools and methods which help you get it right the first time. It saves you the cost of attrition, low productivity and an unhealthy workforce.

Assessment and testing


Interviewing skills – hiring for attitude

With hiring targets to be achieved by the time a candidate reaches the HR interview stage, the organization or the business has already made up its mind to hire. This leaves little scope for the HR manager to look for softer skill in your prospective employee, which will be detrimental in the long run. The assumption here is – you can develop or train for attitude after the candidate is hired. You know attitudes are really difficult to change and it costs you a bomb!

We believe that if you could train your line managers to hire / look for attitude as well when they interview, it saves a lot of costs for the organization post recruitment of a candidate.

Our interviewing skills workshop aims to do just that Want to know more ?

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Employee onboarding – culture, values and behaviors

We believe, organizational culture is the 'personality' of any organization

How employees think and act on the job – is central to the values, beliefs, inter-personal behaviours, and attitudes to stakeholders that determine how the organization does its job. Culture is a key factor not only in achieving organizational goals, but in attracting and keeping desirable employees, creating a positive public image, and building respectful relationships with stakeholders.

Our VALUE™ – program on organizational values and behaviors aims to be an essential component of your employee onboarding process.

We customize this highly experiential program to align with your stated 'Values', related 'Behaviors' and help you build an Organizational culture which you dream of.

When every employee is onboarded using this program you get a highly committed and motivated workforce as an outcome. Not to forget, very high levels of engagement and performance.

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We believe that culture is an intangible that defines your organizations character

It reflects a specific collection of values, traditions, assumptions, customs and norms that are embraced by individuals and groups within an organization. The core and job specific competencies reinforce your organizations culture.

Our team of highly experienced consultants help you by aligning core and job-specific competencies with values, and develop these in your employees at every talent management touch point, reinforcing your corporate culture.

We help you develop your own, organization-specific list of competencies, definitions and descriptions of the levels of demonstration which provides you with a competitive advantage.

We provide you with Off-the-shelf competency libraries which can help give your ideas and direction.

You can then use these core competencies in requisitions and postings for new jobs, it allows you to hire people who are a good fit for your organization.

Once you hire a candidate, we can help you reinforce the organization’s values and culture through our focused onboarding programs, again referencing and communicating your core competencies.

Our consultants can help your learning and development team source or create learning activities that help develop core and job-specific competencies in employees so that when managers identify a performance gap, they can address it with targeted development plans.

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