We help your leadership build their inner - game – We act as Sherpas

We believe that while leadership quality can be innate but surely can be nurtured and developed by building up confidence, experience and practice.

Most leadership development programs fail as excessive focus is given to set formulas and curricula; providing templates to leaders which have been standardized and widely claimed to be successful in variety of environments.

Today's leaders need to be intuitive, dynamic, collaborative, and grounded in Emotional Intelligence (EQ). They need to know 'how to be' than just learning 'how to do'.

Leaders need to work on the quality of their inner game, or their capacity to tune into and regulate their emotional and mental states, before they can hope to develop their outer game, or what it is they need to actually do.

Our leadership development programs guides your leaders to tap into their inner world as a powerful instrument for cultivating the vital skills of purpose, self-awareness, empathy, and acute attentional discipline.

We help you align your leaderships 'inner-state' with the 'outer-world'

Assessment and testing

At the core of any Leadership Development Program

Is an assessment of the current state of your leadership. This not only provides you a sense of 'where you are?' currently but also gives a clear indication of the distance you have to travel to reach your 'goals'. Armed with comprehensive assessment and test results is when we go about designing and planning your next steps to leadership transformation.

S.T.A.R Leader™ 360

360° feedback to assess leadership ability

This assessment administered online helps each of your Managers to understand their team member's perspective of their leadership, on the four key dimensions of high performance leadership, namely, Stimulating communication, Trust, Accountability and Results focus. (This will be administered to all members who report or work with the manager.

Each Manager then will be provided with a comprehensive S.T.A.R™ Leader report, which will be used to facilitate discussions and learning on various leadership styles and methods which could be used to enhance effectiveness.


  • Helps Leaders and team understand its current state on four dimensions of high performance
  • Helps the Leaders/managers identify dimensions and elements in which they are strong or weak
  • Helps managers understand their interpersonal styles and its impact on team members and other parts of the business
  • Facilitates concrete action plans to bring visible change in the leadership
  • Facilitates the use of leadership styles to drive results in the team
  • Choose from a list of over 30 globally recognized leadership competencies

These scores when read with our S.T.A.R™ team assessment will help the managers in understanding their individual strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in enabling a high performance team culture.

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Prathibimb 360 Leadership™

Assess yourself on 8 key leadership roles based on the Quinn Model insight into leadership behavior

To what extent is a person capable of exhibiting the behavior needed in order to successfully fulfill a leadership role? And what specific behavior contributing to the proper fulfillment of this role does a person exhibit often or not that often? The Prathibimb 360 Leadership questionnaire can help you answer these kinds of questions. The Prathibimb 360 Leadership reports on the behavior a person specifically exhibits in terms of the various leadership roles. This means that this tool provides significant insight into the capacity to fulfill and develop leadership roles. The environment's perspective

The Prathibimb 360 Leadership reports from the perspective of the employee in question as well as from the perspective of other people like supervisors, colleagues, fellow employees and customers. Feedback from these different perspectives provides points of reference for discussions on the application and development of leadership roles. This means that the Prathibimb 360 Leadership questionnaire can be applied to various management development and coaching programs, as well as for preparing for job performance assessment interviews, for example.

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Prathibimb Big Five Leadership™

Discover and develop the leadership potential within your organization

Which leadership roles fit well or less well for a particular individual? How much energy goes into the development of a specific role? Moreover, which personality characteristics are reflected in an individual's leadership profile? The Prathibimb Big Five Leadership can help answer such questions. Prathibimb Big Five Leadership shows an individual's potential to develop and sustain behavior that fits a specific leadership role. This tool provides further insight to what extent a managerial position fits a particular individual.

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Develop S.T.A.R Leaders™

Expanding the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles

The ability to lead people, teams and the organization requires right skills; skills such as, the ability to influence, to set stretch targets, to give feedback as well as praise and recognition. The leader must be able to step back from problems and think strategically, as well as take action to find solutions. It is essential skill required for those who wish to facilitate development of people, teams and a highly engaging organizational culture.

Our S.T.A.R™ Model for Leadership Development provides a solid framework and proven techniques for facilitating and guiding individuals and groups towards realizing their potential for performance. The factors which can make this happen are both identifiable and workable.

If you ever wanted to transform your teams towards high performance?

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Giving and Receiving Feedback

Core skills for managers in managing employee performance and development

Feedback is the most powerful tool for leaders to help develop and manage performance of teams. Giving and Receiving Feedback is also one of the most challenging. No amount of experience can diminish the anxiety supervisors, team leaders, and team members feel when faced with a feedback session. This is especially so, when it is related to performance management and development.

The process of giving and receiving feedback doesn’t have to be painful. By learning the proven techniques taught in our programs, your managers can develop their feedback skills. If you and your organization believe in the power of feedback in helping—coworkers, direct reports, or your managers—this program will help you immensely. It will also help you to be a better receiver of feedback, even feedback that is presented awkwardly. With just a little practice, you’ll be able to turn feedback sessions into tools that can help you and your coworkers improve job performance and meet important goals.

Our Effective Performance Feedback training comes with a comprehensive pre-assessment of your leaders ability to give and receive feedback and provides them with a plan to enhance their skill.

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Decision Making Skills - D.A.R.E™

Enhancing the quality of your everyday decision - making

What drives individuals,teams and organizations forward is the decisions your leaders and employees take everyday, every moment. Yet decision-making has only been confined to or been projected as a domain for Senior leadership members of an organization. Little emphasis is laid into developing key decision making skills in each and every employee in the organization such that the quality of output increases manifold.

In a rapidly changing world Decision Making is a key skill in today's global workplace. It's your decisions that drive you forward.

Equinox D.A.R.E™ workshop is developed with a premise that Decision- making is a skill – and skills can usually be improved. As you gain more experience making decisions, and as you become more familiar with the tools and structures needed for effective decision- making, you’ll improve your confidence. Use this opportunity to think about how you can improve your decision-making and take your skills to the next level. Ultimately, improving your decision-making skills will benefit you and your organization.

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Situational Leadership

Skills for guiding and facilitating people

The ability lead people and team requires right skills; skills such as, the ability to influence, to set stretch targets, to give feedback as well as praise and recognition. The leader must be able to step back from problems and think strategically, as well as take action to find solutions.

The 'Situational Leadership for Results' workshop uses the powerful S.T.A.R™ Model for leadership which provides a solid framework and proven techniques for facilitating and guiding individuals and groups towards realizing their potential for performance.

This workshop offers your leaders to learn styles which provide them best opportunity to make a significant, relevant, and lasting impact on their team.

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Leadership using the Wealth of Trust

The one thing that matters most!

There is one thing that is common to every individual, relationship, team, family, organization, nation, economy,and civilisation throughout the world – one thing which, if removed, will destroy the most powerful government, the most successful business, the most thriving economy, the most influential leadership, the greatest friendship, the strongest character, the deepest love.

On the other hand, if developed and leveraged, that one thing has the potential to create unparalleled success and prosperity in every dimension of life. Yet, it is the least understood, most neglected, and most underestimated possibility of our time. That one thing is Trust.

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Leadership by Engagement

Enabling a High Performance Culture

There is an increasing need for the Leadership in organizations to go beyond mere 'Employee Engagement' and facilitate a transition towards 'Emotional Engagement'. In the coming days it will be the critical factor between setting organisational goals and achieving them.

Organizations might have happy employees and score high on employee satisfaction surveys but not necessarily have high levels of productivity. This is simply because there is no 'emotional commitment' towards the organization and its goals.

To enhance the level of commitment of the employee, today's leadership should develop a style of leadership which addresses the emotional needs of individuals working for them and help create a climate which enables the same.

When you have 'Emotionally Engaged' Employees, they start to use their discretionary effort – they go the extra-mile, without being asked to do so. 'Emotionally Engaged' employees lead to better business outcomes.

It is therefore the responsibility of today's leader to focus highly on engaging employees in a way that touches them emotionally and increases their commitment to go beyond the obvious and the ordinary.

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Building an effective leadership development program

Our team of consultants can help you implement a comprehensive leadership development plan which is tailor-made to fit your business needs of growth and high performance. It provides you with immense benefits which could range from;

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduced cost of attrition
  • Talent retention
  • Development of future leaders
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced quality of decision making
  • Building a culture of high performance

Our approach to leadership development L.E.A.D™ (Lead, Empower And Develop) makes use of a range of assessment tools ranging from personality profiling, 360 feedback, climate surveys and also personal interviews and training and executive coaching to achieve high levels of leadership and organizational success. Our continual support both direct and using the cloud services helps your leadership remain connected at all times and get support for all their developmental needs.

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