Human resource development is passe

it’s all about Human Resource Optimization.

“If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.”

At Equinox Consultants, we believe that the factors that can make this happen are both identifiable and workable.

Our S.T.A.R™ Model for High Performance helps your teams and organization to focus on those dimensions which are both simple to understand and highly practical for members to apply at workplace – this we believe is so necessary for the success of any performance development strategy.

Our multi-faceted and multi-dimensional approach towards building high performance will aim to provide you with the following opportunities to augment your growth plans.

  • Selection – helping the organization in getting the right people in.
  • Career development – The identification of the competencies possessed by the individual helps organization decide his career plans.
  • Potential appraisal – helps organizations identify if the person can handle the challenges offered in the next higher position.
  • Identification of high potential managers – This creates a pool of managerial talents &multifunctional managers that would be available across the business group etc.
  • Succession planning – Identifying the right individual for critical positions.
  • Allocation of challenging assignments – provides your organization with the strengths and weaknesses of every employee. This helps in deciding who would have the necessary abilities to undertake the proposed challenging assignments.
  • Management development – provide ample opportunity to your employees to reflect on one’s capabilities and to improve upon.
  • Identification of training needs – provide you with concrete data on the improvement areas, which can be utilized, for training.
  • Identification of a talent pool – help you identify such employees who are ready to take on upcoming and challenging assignments.
  • Setting up and implementation – of a cloud based performance management and development system

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Assessment and testing

At the Core of bringing about organizational change

Our assessment center services are at the core of all our Human Resource Optimization interventions. Right from ‘defining the assessment objectives’; ‘job analysis’; ‘competency mapping’; and ‘behavioral classification’ to assessing; reporting; and conducting developmental programs, we help bring about organizational change and transformation.

All our assessments are setup on the cloud for you to have a performance management and development system, on demand at the click of a button. We provide you with powerful analytic tools, which help assess your individual, team, and organizational progress at all levels.

Key Features

  • No hardware, no software: 100% ‘cloud’ setup;
  • All questionnaires for HR available in 1 platform;
  • Practical, simple & easy to use;
  • Feedback on individual and group level;
  • No extra costs and unlimited use of solutions and analytics;
  • All questionnaires score high on validity and reliability;
  • Easy to implement tailor made solutions;
  • Smart pricing.

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Do your Leaders have it in them,to build and sustain high performance?

The successful implementation of any performance management system in any organization is highly dependent on the senior management teams conviction and commitment to the whole process.

Lead Empower And Develop™ - L.E.A.D™

Lead Empower And Develop™ - L.E.A.D™

At Equinox, we believe that it is always prudent that before you embark on a performance management system; the whole process is first implemented and internalized within the core management group in the organization. This group may also include ‘A’ Players from the next level of management who could act as a bridge between various levels in the organization. Our L.E.A.D™ program for your senior leaders and the people who matter helps you achieve just that.


  • Helps gain conviction on the framework
  • Helps demonstrate to employees the commitment of the management to the process
  • Helps understand the challenges and pitfalls in an organization wide
    implementation and take corrective action before roll out
  • Helps create a communication plan for roll out
  • Helps create buy-in of all employees by ‘walking-the-talk’

L.E.A.D™ - Outcomes which build a foundation for organizational change

  • Values blueprint
  • Competency framework for the core management team
  • Leadership Group Profile (based on personality)
  • Leadership Group Profile (based on 360 feedback)
  • Leadership SWOT summary
  • Leadership Action Plan (for the vertical)
  • Leadership Development Plan (for each leader)

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Develop Empower And Lead - D.E.A.L™

It’s your people who help sustain high performance

Any human resource optimization or organizational change initiative will not be successful if you do not include all those who you believe will be part of or contribute to your growth story – your people.

Our D.E.A.L™ programs help you expand the scope of implementing the performance management framework to the next level of management/employees. Typically a group of ‘A listers’ and employees with identified high potential and which includes representation of all departments/verticals in the organization.


  • To help the next level of management gain conviction on the performance management system and its use
  • To help gain commitment for organization wide roll-out
  • Helps create a communication plan for roll out
  • Helps create buy-in of all employees by ‘walking-the-talk’

D.E.A.L™ - Outcomes which build ownership towards organizational change

  • Understanding of the ‘values and behaviors’
  • Understand of the role specific competencies and measures of performance
  • Individual Profile and Developability report based on personality
  • 360 feedback, development plans
  • Performance Development Plan and SWOT (for each individual)

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Get certified to administer,interpret and consult using the world’s most acceptable assessment tools

We believe that for long-term sustainability of any organizational change initiative, the process needs to be effectively internalized. By certifying your human resources managers and change agents through our powerful certification programs, we help you and your organizational teams self-reliant.

All our assessment tools, training programs and methods, technology and support material can be effectively transferred into the hands of your human resource specialists so that they can carry on from where we left.

We support and aid this transfer of know-how for a smooth transition.

Our Certification programs come to you backed by;

  • World Class Partnerships
  • World Class Assessments
  • World Class Training and Facilitation Methods
  • World Class Technology
  • World Class Coaches and Trainers

They include;

  • Prathibimb Big Five Certification™ – based on the Big 5 (Five Factor Model)
  • Coach Certification™ – based on the framework of ICF and to use our tools, assessment and programs
  • S.T.A.R™ Certification – to guide and facilitate Leadership and Team Development

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Helping you with HR templates to dominate any industry

in any market, against any competition, at any time.

Our team of consultants uses multi-faceted, multi-dimensional approach to help your organization move towards building a high performance culture. We help you to identify the strengths and potential development areas of your employees in relation to a particular job or role. It goes to include;

  • Competency mapping
  • Profiling and assessments
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Training
  • Coaching and,
  • Feedback for a comprehensive performance management and development initiative

We arm you with a comprehensive range of our assesment tools, training and coaching programs which have stood the test of time and helped many of our valued customers in building high peformacne teams and organizations.

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