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Large Group Team Bonding
"My team is newly formed and have people drawn from diverse background and experience"

"We have just gone through a tough business reorganization exercise and the team is very tentative at this moment"

"My team has been working quite hard and achieving success, but I need them to keep up the momentum.I want to take them out and recharge the batteries"

"We want a team program for a very large group, with diverse interests, wide range of age, and varying levels of physical ability - yet it should not be just a fun event"

If you agree with any one of the above, then Equinox's, high energy Team Bonding programs are just the right ones for your team. They are designed in such a way that teams have fun, play together and bond by just being part of the whole program.

Our clients tell us that planning team building events for large groups is challenging for them: they're typically addressing diverse interests, a wide range of ages, and varying levels of physical ability. We've made it a lot easier by developing a powerful array of Team Bonding programs that provide something for everyone--fun, purposeful, challenging and energizing. The beauty of these programs is that key messages get communicated without you having to state them explicitly.

What more, you can take any number, from a group size of 20 to over 800 participants to these programs.

The programs that work best for large groups are, our Equinox Movie Studio™, Equinox Music Mania™, Equinox Dance Mania™, Build a Life or Sea Pirates.

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