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Equinox’s S.T.A.R. High Performance™ Model, an outcome of years of application and refinement, is the backbone for most of the consulting, training and coaching services of Equinox. The strength of the model, say many of our customers, is its simplicity and practicality.

What is S.T.A.R. High Performance™ Model?

All teams have amazing potential. What is important to understand and know is, the factors that make them convert their potential into reality; from being just a team to becoming a S.T.A.R. High Performance™ Team.

The four dimensions of this powerful model which can help catapult any team or organization into high performance are;

What can it do for you and your organization?

Significantly enhances the performance of your team or organisation by:

  • creating a foundation of open and honest communication culture
  • improving communication effectiveness and helping people to be direct/assertive
  • enhancing openness and improving interpersonal trust
  • reducing organisational/team political behaviours
  • eliminating 'Silo' thinking and working
  • encouraging collaborative work culture
  • enhancing accountability and building commitment
  • ensuring 'results orientation' and ownership towards goals

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"We've been associated with Equinox for over 8 years and what we like about them is that they keep their ears to the ground, are up-to-date with our business goals and provide training which delivers tangible results"
- Cordys India (R&D)