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Team working or being a team player, is a crucial first step towards creating an environment of trust and mutual support by connecting personally with teammates and creating rapport. Often, it is assumed that members automatically 'fit-in' and start performing. Nothing is far from truth.

Working in a team is hard work, very much so for a new entrant to the team. It can also be quite stressful if they lack the team skills. Unskilled team members tend to blunder their way through the project, often with poor planning based on weak ideas that result in rework and frustration all around - sometimes clashing with fellow team members after the honeymoon period is over and not having the skills to understand what is happening!

S.T.A.R. Player™ uses the powerful S.T.A.R. High Performance™ Model which provides a solid framework and proven techniques for facilitating and guiding individuals and teams towards realizing their potential for performance. It is a two day, highly experiential workshop that provides a solid foundation of teamwork theory and practice. This program is suitable for any individual member of the group, especially for the new entrants into a team, irrespective of their level.

Key outcomes your team players will gain from this workshop are:
  • Understand the stages of team development and how this impacts on performance
  • Understand self & appreciate diversity
  • Identify strengths/weaknesses that can cause conflict with other team members.
  • Gain appreciation for understanding the 'big picture'
  • Being clear on what is required to work in a team that produces amazing results
  • Appreciating the S.T.A.R. High Performance™ Model for effective team working
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"We've attended so many team building programs before, but nothing was near to what you have done today. It was truly memorable and an excellent value-add to our team and its members."
- DE Shaw