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S.T.A.R Leader™
Leaders of teams require right skills; skills such as - ability to create and foster a communication climate that is stimulating and enabling; develop and sustain an open and collaborative attitude leading to trust amongst the members of the team; define and align team roles with goals to keep the team members committed and accountable; and constantly keep the team focus on the results to be achieved.

Teams with leaders who can do the above, achieve results.

S.T.A.R. Leader™ uses the powerful S.T.A.R. Model for High Performance™ which provides a solid framework and proven techniques for facilitating and guiding individuals and teams towards realizing their potential for performance. It is a two day, highly experiential workshop that provides a solid foundation of leadership theory and practice.

Key outcomes your team leaders and future leaders will gain from this workshop are:
  • clarity on the role of the team leader
  • understanding of how they manage themselves, so they can better manage others
  • insights into different leadership styles
  • better understanding of how to lead their teams through the different stages of team development
  • use the S.T.A.R. Model™ to effectively drive performance in teams and organization

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"We just called them to conduct a simple fun-filled team bonding program for our group of managers before the goal setting exercise, they exceeded our expectations. In just 4 hours they were able to give us so much; we just signed them up for more.
- Avaya