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Sea Pirates

Our Sea Pirates – team building program for large groups is a very intense and is designed to test your teams to the limits of both their physical and intellectual capabilities.

This 'intense field-based activity' aims to simulate the rigors of sailing the high seas, with vast expanse of opportunities ready to be tapped if the teams are willing and committed to explore and conquer. The parallels in real life cannot be missed when you choose this for your team building intervention or event.

We engage your teams in an engaging 6 hour long journey, by setting sail on a self-made ship, stopping at various islands on the way and capturing them with their ingenious problem-solving abilities.

We create a scenario where each team is a made to be a gang of powerful, mean Sea Pirates, out to outsmart each other in the battle of the high seas. Each gang of Pirates will be required to build their own ship and set sail to loot as much as possible from the various islands which they encounter on the way.

Our innovative Sea Pirates program for team building, involves all elements of team-working, including planning, resource utilization, time management, leadership and collaboration. The teams which do well on all these stand a good chance to succeed.

While the activity experience itself helps the teams to bond together and learn about team-working and bonding, we could add additional de-briefs in case the team desires. We could also include any corporate theme which you would like to communicate to the whole group.
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