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Equinox Music Mania
Equinox Music Mania is an ultimate MUSIC VIDEO based team building activity.

The Program

Deep down, at some point we've all harbored fantasies of being part of a music band. Here's your chance to make everyone on your team a rock n' roll king or queen for a day. Best of all, your budding stars don't need to worry about nagging details like lessons, sleazy record companies, or even musical ability. We'll have them all play and dance or rather make everyone else dance to their tunes.

This high-energy team building event is designed to painlessly bring together those who can play and those who never dreamed they could.


But whether we supply the stars or you do, Equinox Music Mania is invariably a major funfest for everyone involved. This event is specifically designed to help individuals and teams realize they can achieve something that seems impossible at first. It's an excellent way to connect co-workers together and to bring creativity, passion, confidence and fun into to the workplace.

Program or Event de-brief

We'll include an optional debrief by our facilitators. This typically focuses on new discoveries about your team, and celebration of successes. Debrief can be fine-tuned to include any team, leadership and organization development goals.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: The group size can vary from 20 to 500.

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