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Equinox’s Movie Studio movie making activity is a dynamic team building experience that taps into the best qualities that support real teamwork: shared vision, initiative and involvement, collaboration and knowledge sharing, and shared accomplishment.

Movie Making and Awards night

We introduce the program in a fun whimsical way that gets everyone in the mood to participate in a Bollywood style movie production effort. We ensure everyone is clear on the scenario, orient team members to the available technology. Video cameras, editing equipment, props and other production and support materials are made available to each team.

Create a Lasting Impression

The process requires each team to identify the message they want to convey and then decide how best to communicate this message, i.e., length, style, script, story line, imaging, etc. With their plan in mind, members assume various defined roles and responsibilities and bring the production to life. Lots of unexpected events occur along the way that require each team to adapt and possibly take advantage of new opportunities - or work around barriers.

The Equinox Movie Awards

When all the movies are completed, a panel of judges reviews the videos and decides on awards. Everyone gathers for an awards ceremony to share their finished works and receive award for the most noteworthy achievements. Afterwards, the team is provided with a DVD permanent record of their experience to enjoy and share with others.

Truly memorable

Of all our programs, this one is a truly memorable occasion: one that can be relived, reinforced, and learned from time and again after the event - given the permanent record of the video that can be made available to each participant.


The activity brief would be customized to include elements, which will help to highlight the learning elements identified by you.

Program or Event de-brief

We'll include an optional debrief by our facilitators. This typically focuses on new discoveries about your team, and celebration of successes. Debrief can be fine tuned to include any team, leadership and organization development goals.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: The group size can vary from 20 to 500.

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