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Interpersonal and Interactive Skills

The long term success of any individual does not just depend on his or her technical / functional skills, but as much on interpersonal and interactive skills – the ability to work well with others, to develop long-term relationships, and to facilitate effective teamwork.

These “soft” skills are often undervalued, the assumption being that all one needs is to be technically and functionally adept. However, technical skills will take one only so far. Ultimately, one’s ability to forge strong relationships with others is as much a key to his/her success.

Many studies of executive derailment determined that the number one cause of failure is not lack of intelligence or technical skills but rather the lack of interpersonal skills.

Equinox, over the years, have been training and coaching individuals on various interpersonal and interactive skills. Some of the programs include :

Essential Communication
Essential Presenter
Being Assertive
Meetings for High Performance
Creative Problem Solving
Time Master
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