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Activities are the building blocks for any experiential learning program. Equinox, over the years, has adapted and developed a large battery of team activities (over 200) to suit the requirements of the audience and the learning involved in a program.

A small sample range of activities include   …….

Big foot
This is one of our favorites and really is very useful to set the foundation for any team development program and suits audiences at all levels.  The learning elements this ropes and planks activity brings about are; Task Vs. Results Orientation, Goal clarity, Planning and Resource utilization.  This activity is suitable for any group size (10 – 200)
Hot Stuff – the bomb squad
This blindfold problem solving activity brings about beautifully the interdependency which exists between all levels of management.  The importance of - Cascading Communication, Mutual respect, Openness to Feedback are the key learning elements of this extremely simple yet profound activity. This activity is suitable for group sizes ranging from 10 – 100.
Moon ball
This activity which is high on fun and energy with lot of shouting, running and diving around is liked by all our participants for the sheer energy of it.  The key learning from this beach ball based activity is Innovation, Importance of Support network, Process improvement.  This activity can also be used for kick starting a team bonding workshop with high energy.
Acid River
This immensely popular activity requires minimum setup, is extremely mobile and can be done in any location.  It helps to test the team to understand and learn the elements of Continuous improvement, Quality orientation, Innovation, Planning and Risk Management.
Slithering Snake
This powerful business simulation activity helps teams understand the impact of Working in Silos, Leadership styles, building Accountability, Feedback Giving and Receiving.  One of our other favorites and can be used in variations to drive the complete concept of High Performance Teams.
Spiders Web
A very popular activity in most outbound training intervention which goes a long way in teaching teams the importance of Trust, Openness, Feedback and Assertiveness.  Followed up with the Levitation activity goes a long way in building strong bonding in teams.
Production House
This is the most popular of our outbound activities and one of our favorites.  Production house is a complete business simulation activity and can be very useful in delivering a lot of learning even in a ½ day program.

The beauty of our Production House activity is that it can be customized to deliver value to any industry segment and to any level of audience.  This activity guarantees complete engagement from all members of any group.  There is nothing which this activity can’t cover and is especially suitable for simulating today’s global work scenario of virtual, co-located and geographically dispersed teams.
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