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At the core of Equinox’s approach to developmental interventions is our assessment centre. 

Any intervention for performance development essentially requires the assessment of developability, current levels of competence, a full study of the gaps which exist and also of the potential which would finally enable the achievement of your goals and objectives. Equinox has a repertoire of psychometric and competency assessment tools to exactly meet the above needs.

Our assessments for Teams, Leadership, Team players, Meetings and more, help you to step by step create sustainable action plans which take your teams and businesses from where you are to where you want to be.

All our assessments are: 
  • easy to administer
  • reliable
  • administered online
  • practical and come with easy to understand reports

S.T.A.R. Assessments LogoS.T.A.R. Team Graph

S.T.A.R. Assessments 
are at the core of most of our performance development initiatives and are part of Equinox’s S.T.A.R. High Performance™ Model - an outcome of years of application and refinement on hundreds of teams. The model is the backbone for most of our consulting, training and coaching services.

S.T.A.R. Assessments assess team climate, team working and leadership on the four S.T.A.R. dimensions and twelve S.T.A.R. competencies in 360° mode.

  • based on a single integrative model and can be used to assess teams, team members and team leaders
  • simple, practical yet very powerful assessment based on observable behaviors and aims at changing the same.
  • common language, common scale for individuals and teams across the organization
  • complete online implementation
  • can be administered on an ongoing basis to monitor the improvement
  • detailed reports with easy to understand graphical presentation and implementable action points

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Personality Assessments  Reflector Big Five Personality Report Graph

Equinox's Reflector Big Five Personality is a test which measures the five fundamental personality traits and is based on the world renowned and recognized Five Factor Model of personality.

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360° Competency Assessments  Reflector 360° Assessment Report

With a bank of 43 behavioral competencies and 12 S.T.A.R. competencies, Equinox's Reflector 360° Assessments is a very comprehensive 360° feedback administration and reporting tool. Each of the competencies can be measured at four levels to match the experience of the assessed, junior to top management, which gives us the capability to match any role in any function at all levels. 

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Performance Improvement AssessmentsPerformance Improvement Assessments Report

This powerful and unique assessment combines the Reflector Big Five Personality with 360° Competency Assessments to assess the developability of each of the behavioral competencies. The comprehensive ‘Performance Improvement Plan’ helps in Human Resource Optimization(HRO) with Capitalize, Develop, Compensate and Broaden strategies.

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