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Build a Life
Build a Life program is the ultimate communication and team collaboration simulation program. This program serves as an excellent example of how teams function during their day to day work environments. During this session teams begin to understand that they must break down barriers and enhance cross-functional teamwork to complete the task of constructing bicycles within a given time frame. This highly engaging event illustrates the need for effective decision making, sharing of information and efficient communication skills. During the course of the program teams are encouraged to brainstorm, problem-solve, communicate better as a team, collaborate and bond with each other and more importantly have loads of fun.

Build a Life bicycle building team program is a fun, brainy, challenging, program where your group is divided into teams to solve specific challenges in order to build bicycles for the needy.

This is the real deal bicycle team building event!

Each team is given puzzles to solve, codes to decipher, and secrets to unlock in order to acquire the resources needed (part by part) to build their bicycle. Challenges are discovered along the way that must be overcome in order to accomplish their goal.

This workshop is designed to be 3 – 4 hours long, and can scaled up to be day long experience.

The Philanthropic Twist

The event is complete when all teams showcase their building skills by giving their completed bicycles to a local charity or needy family.

The Surprise

We DO NOT tell the group the surprise which awaits them towards the end of the program. It will be quite an experience when they come face to face with their real customers, and hand over the bicycles to them. The smiles they see on the faces of the recipients will be cherished for a lifetime.

At the end your group walks away fulfilled unlike any other workshop they would have ever attended.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: The group size can vary from 20 to 500.

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