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Reflector Big Five Personality

Make the most of employees’ strengths ; Knowing what someone is good at 
Personality - Who am I?

How do you employ people to maximum advantage according to what they are good at and what suits them? Everyone has their own characteristic way of doing things that sets them apart from other people: their personality. It makes people demonstrate one type of behavior automatically and another type only seldom.

Knowing who you are is important to be able to respond to issues you are confronted with; and likewise to be able to perform at work.

The Reflector Big Five Personality helps to place the right person in the right place and keep them there. To enable employees to perform and develop to the best of their abilities.




  • Is based on Five Factor Model (FFM) of personality which has greater acceptance worldwide than any other personality model
  • More precise and goes beyond 'types' to look at 'traits' and their combination, Iceberg Model for Human Personality
  • thereby respects uniqueness in each individual
  • Offers strategies for enhancing interpersonal interactions as well as performance
  • Specifically designed with questions and words approved in the workplace
  • Has 144 questions and takes just 20 min. to complete



  • Helps people appreciate behaviors
  • and gain understanding of the personality underlying the behaviors
  • Provides a common vocabulary to discuss individual differences
  • Gives individuals greater understanding of others and helps enhance the quality of interactions
  • Assists in strategies for capitalizing or leveraging on individual strengths



Primary applications include

Diversity in Teamwork

 Team building     Leadership Development 

 Coaching     Selection & Recruitment


Other applications possible

 Career planning and Development     OD Interventions  

 Conflict Management     Management and supervisory training


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