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How other people view behavior

For everyone to be able to do their work well, it is essential that they understand their own actions and know what they are capable of. Added to that, it is good to understand which competencies are important for that work and how these can be recognized in one’s own behavior. The Reflector 360 reports on what people specifically demonstrate through their behavior, based on the competencies relevant for the job. This knowledge can help employees to make a better contribution to their own role. The Reflector 360 also offers a perception of how a person can develop further in order to possibly also provide input to other roles.

What is the Reflector 360 (R360)?

The Reflector 360 is an instrument employees can use to collect information about their behavior at work. Managers in many modern organizations lack the necessary information to give their employees objective feedback on all points. The Reflector 360 collects the assessments about the employee from all the parties concerned, which is why it is called a 360 degree feedback instrument.

What are possible applications for the Reflector 360?

The Reflector 360 can be used in almost all situations in which employees’ development and growth are paramount. Here are just some of the possibilities:

  • Development of competencies.
  • Input for coaching and performance appraisal.
  • Management Development programs and career management.
  • Measuring the effect of education and training.
  • Management information as a result of the aggregation of assessment data for groups of employees as a whole.

What Reflector Big Five Personality related services does Equinox offer?

Equinox partners with PiCompany, a leader in the implementation of the building blocks of the High Performance Organization (HPO). Through this partnership, Equinox brings to its clients the world-class expertise in assessments through

  • Online administration of Reflector Big Five Personality assessment and reporting
  • Reflector 360o feedback assessment and reports for managers

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