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Most executives understand that meetings are integral to a business organization and the need to make them count in terms of the return they provide for the time invested is very high.

The fact remains that when teams are so involved in the meeting and dealing with the rapidly changing dynamics, with emotions, egos, positions, interests and in the thick of it, it is difficult for the team to remain focused on the processes which make the meeting very effective; to remain objective in their approach.

Our meetings facilitation service, aims to help and guide teams to remain focused on the objectives, remain within the process, provides outsider view and assessment of the progress and its effectiveness, thereby helping you to make your meetings more meaningful and that which produces high returns for time invested.

Our experts help you with a framework for effective meetings, meeting facilitation, tools for effective brainstorming, assessment of meeting effectiveness in your organization using the S.T.A.R Meeting Assessor™ and guide your teams towards high performance.
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"We've been associated with Equinox for over 8 years and what we like about them is that they keep their ears to the ground, are up-to-date with our business goals and provide training which delivers tangible results"
- Cordys India (R&D)