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Meetings Effectiveness
Meetings are the activity at the centre of every organization - most central to the running of your organizations.

Almost every company invests lots of money, time and infrastructure in facilitating meetings, which is where supposedly some of the most important decisions get made.

However, the common refrain we hear from people, about meetings is that they are boring, painful, frustratingly long and more often than not pointless. Very little time is spent on evaluating the returns which accrue out of such investments and also evaluating the quality of meetings in companies. The focus seems more to improve the technological and infrastructural aspects of meetings.

There is a need to shift your focus from agendas and minutes and rules, and accept the fact that bad meetings start with the attitudes and approaches of the people who lead and take part in them. There is a need to look beyond the obvious, to look at your meetings as an important strategic tool which can help transform your individuals and teams thereby power your company into a High Performance.

Our Meetings Effectiveness Assessment helps you to evaluate the health of meetings in your organization and help you make transform them into strategy goldmines.

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