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Sustained and focused leadership development is the key differentiator between the successful and the also-ran teams and businesses.

Effective Leaders unlock the power of the individuals and show groups how to reach their desired goals. As leadership skills improve within your organization, managers become more creative and productive, and are able to drive change and derive high performance in their teams and from people.

Our Leadership Development interventions use the powerful S.T.A.R. Model as a basis for transforming your leaders into people who can get your people fully and willingly committed to new sustainable course of action.

Equinox’s approach to leadership development is based on our firm belief that leadership in communities, teams, and businesses should not be restricted to a specific role or position but developing leadership in everyone should be the focus in order for sustained growth and success. 

Identifying the leadership potential in everyone; facilitating the transformation and helping individuals to lead from anywhere is what you will need.

If you are interested in transforming your people into leaders with an ability to lead initiatives and work from anywhere,

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"We know that Equinox is the best as far as team training and development goes. It is always a challenge for them to live up to such high expectations from our groups. Needless to say, they have not disappointed us at all "