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FEEL - Facilitating Employee Engagement thru’ Leadership

Potential is not a rare commodity – employees have potential in many ways; the fact is it is very rarely engaged, nurtured and flowered to reality. In order to release such potential which exists in your company, you must give it a strategic and holistic attention.

Our FEEL - Facilitating Employee Engagement thru’ Leadership, provides you with an effective way of identifying and engaging talent and potential in your employees so that they feel empowered to make a difference to themselves and the organization they work for.

We work and engage closely with your senior leadership to help design and deliver a cohesive talent engagement and development plan which will involve, role-competency mapping, profiling, identifying compensate and leverage strategies, create a development plan for each individual and take them through structured interventions which help them convert their potential to reality.

We use powerful tools for assessment and performance measurements which help guide the process and provide you with a clear indicator of returns for your investment.

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"We've been associated with Equinox for over 8 years and what we like about them is that they keep their ears to the ground, are up-to-date with our business goals and provide training which delivers tangible results"
- Cordys India (R&D)