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DEAL - Driving Empowerment And Leadership

Any transformation exercise requires complete commitment and support of your people. Engaging them in the process of performance development, empowering them to initiate change and converting them into leaders is critical for success of any initiative in your company.

Our DEAL initiative helps your people with tools, methods and processes which aid in creating a systematic development path for personal transformation which contributes to team and organization growth.

In this we work with your company to understand the roles which people play and behavioral competencies required to deliver their role effectively. We help map these very competencies on to elements of S.T.A.R.™ and assess members for their S.T.A.R.™ rating.

This is typically a one - two day retreat where we help your people understand the S.T.A.R. Model for Performance Development, and exit the workshop with clear understanding of the implementation strategies and plans for each of the four critical steps in changing themselves to be S.T.A.R.™ Performers in their team.

During this highly experiential two day DEAL program your team can expect to:

  • Assess themselves against S.T.A.R.™
  • Understand the critical elements for developing into a S.T.A.R. Player
  • Create clarity around individual roles and performance goals
  • Ensure alignment and commitment towards team and business goals
  • Generate momentum, energy and enthusiasm for the future

As a precursor we do:

S.T.A.R.™ assessment of individual members across the organization using our Reflector 360o and Reflector Big Five Personality

Our promise

Following through with our DEAL™ program promises to move your members up by one point on their current STAR™ rating levels. We do an assessment at the end of the assignment to demonstrate results.

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"We've been associated with Equinox for over 8 years and what we like about them is that they keep their ears to the ground, are up-to-date with our business goals and provide training which delivers tangible results"
- Cordys India (R&D)