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The success of any performance development initiative depends on the setting up of sustainable performance improvement climate in your company.

Equinox online learning community provides you a platform for a sustainable learning environment for all your employees which enable collaborative learning insuring definite returns on the training bucks which you invest.

Powerfully leveraging the benefits of social media based learning, we integrate our communities of practice to all the development initiatives using the latest tools, methods, resources - all available online for your benefit.

The community promises the following,

Benefits for your Company Benefits for your Employees
  • Provides a platform for employees to seek timely help on inter-personal issues
  • Builds a collaborative learning culture using, Learning Content, Expert facilitation, Peer-to-Peer Interaction
  • Guarantees continuous learning which is always current and contextual in nature
  • Leverages group think-group learn
  • Support available all the time, thereby saves time and money
  • More proactive than remedial developmental approach
  • Helps tap into global learning opportunities and best practices in the organization, and many more.
  • an identity and recognition for the contributions they make
    It gives them..
  • Learn continuously through seeking, sharing, discussing with each other
  • an outlet for personal expression
  • an opportunity to learn and unlearn
  • to create and be part of creative outputs
  • an identity and recognition for the contributions they make

  • Helps them leverage the latest in learning thru'
  • 1:1 Chats (with trainers and coaches)
  • Discussion forums (peer-peer)
  • Blogposts (e-zine, articles, best practices)
  • Webinars (Videos, Virtual learning)
  • E-books (training resources & course materials)

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"We've been associated with Equinox for over 8 years and what we like about them is that they keep their ears to the ground, are up-to-date with our business goals and provide training which delivers tangible results"
- Cordys India (R&D)